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ELI5; 320? vbr? 128? 9/11?; explain like I'm 5
Topic Started: Jul 19 2016, 07:28 PM (298 Views)
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obviously i never really cared until now and could probably just google the information but...


320, 128, VBR? what does this all mean? obviously its a sound quality thing but i alway get confused on which one to choose.

would like more personal answers from you guys and maybe what preference you like.
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Cat Dad Downey Jr.

Quality of recording.

Google helps with this question.
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Veni, Vidi, Sensi
v0 or bust
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Roll with the punches
VBR V0. Its as good as 320 and you can save some disk space cause they are tad smaller in size compared to 320.

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Daily Spammer
320 is the best quality you can get, but usually the biggest file size
VBR usually bounces around the 225-275 range
256 is usually an itunes rip
anything under is poor quality.

best bang for you buck is VBR. I always go 320 though. Im a quality whore though.
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128 if youre a faggot with a small hard drive. 320 if youre a douche and need the best sounding version besides FLAC. VBR is the middle of the equation and usually the go-to bitrate for anyone who wants the best quality for the smallest file size. IMO its all relative since 90% of the music I listen to are 128kbps Soundclound rips and sound just as good as anything else to me.
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I'm A Mormon
320 is good and pretty high-quality, but the mp3 format all the way up to (and including) 320 is still considered a "lossy" format.
Lossless formats take too much space for me to care about trying.
Besides, you get to a point where the shitty headphones you probably own (looking at you Beats and Skullcandy) wouldn't even let you hear the difference between a 192kbps recording and a 320kbps recording anyways. That's why I don't mind picking up VBR albums every once in a while. I honestly can't tell the difference using the stuff I own.
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Hello Japan

9/11? How about investigating 3/11!?!?!?

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