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myspace rips
Topic Started: Mar 3 2015, 12:01 PM (1,428 Views)
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Pwner, mind letting me know how you were able to get this done for Joey?

there is three songs I want to get and so far Ive tried IDM, offliberty, MySpaceLoader and couple of firefox plugins nothing worked.
Was FlashGot one of those Firefox plugins?
nope, it wasn't. the ones I used are called toggle media stealer and unPlug.

will give FlashGot a go now!

UPDATE: This didn't work either. Thanks tho, Ben!
Damn it. I thought that worked with everything. You're welcome tho, hopefully there's some solution.

I know (the user over here) has some great rip skills. Maybe he could help? He once explained in a Bandcamp thread how you could snag a song from the website coding.
If you are referring to this thread, http://thedailymosh.com/topic/9215665/1/#new I did followed the steps Ancaria mentioned there. but, myspace source code is different compared to BCs and its not possible to snag song following the aforementioned steps.

I did however figure a way around to grab songs via Audacity. not too convenient, but that might be the only option for now.
I used to use file2hd.com when Myspace was a thing. I don't know it's still working tho.
file2hd.com does seem to still work. it was at least able to detect songs when I entered the myspace url, but requires a premium account to download them. only pics can be downloaded from a free one lol.
Promotes downloading mp3, gives pictures only. If that site had a face, it would be like :gucci:
holy shit I just found a site that actually works seamlessly. http://www.grabthatfile.com/

this is perfect! only 4 songs allowed to download per day tho.
Nice! How's the quality?
MP3 128kbps.
Fair enough :want:
its standard stream quality, sounds good! better than what I was able to obtain with audacity yesterday.
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